Your ability to communicate and understand in a Korean context determines the success of your work in Korea and with Koreans. You must mobilize the resources and make the effort to communicate both accurately and in culturally appropriate ways. Many times, this task can be harder than it first appears.

For over a decade, my company, Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., has been helping clients overcome the formidable obstacles in Korean work, enabling them to achieve their goals. My team and I ensure that every project is handled with confidentiality and professionalism.

Even though this site is divided into sections, taken together, they form a powerful set of resources for your Korean work. I encourage you to explore everything we offer. Contact me through the form which you can find on each page. Once I’ve received the preliminary information from you, I’ll follow-up on translation requests with a project quote and to other inquiries through a service proposal that addresses your unique business needs.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in Korea and with Koreans everywhere!

Steven S. Bammel
President/Translator & Consultant
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Our Main Service Areas

Translation Services

100% Money-Back Guarantee!The success of your Korean translation projects depends on how effectively you connect with your Korean audience. Through our expert linguistic resources in Korea, we ensure your Korean message reaches – and communicates to – your audience in the way you intended.

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Business Services

Your business success in Korea and with Koreans everywhere depends on the culturally appropriate resources you mobilize to solve the issues you face. We offer a range of business training and consulting services to support your work.

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Business Resources Center

Knowledge is power – and on our site, knowledge is also free! Don’t leave without taking advantage of the vast body of useful information – newsletters, cultural training, business blog and other resources – which we have made available to you.