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The success of your business in Korea and with Koreans depends on the culturally appropriate resources you mobilize to take advantage of the opportunities and solve the issues before you. By making wise decisions to understand and communicate effectively in a Korean context, you will generate goodwill, make better decisions, gain deeper insights and achieve your business goals.

My company offers a range of business services to support your work, all of which are explained in detail through the links in the main menu at left. You may find that we offer just the services you need to increase your business effectiveness.

I personally handle all messages sent through this site. If you’re already prepared with a request for business support, simply click here to send your message to me and I’ll get back to you on it promptly.

Steven S. Bammel
President/Translator & Consultant
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The Korean Business Imperative

The “East is East; West is West” maxim regarding Western-Asian relations is almost as old as the first documented traveler to Korea, the Jesuit Gregorio de Cespede, in 1593.  Indeed, Korea and the rest of East Asia have rich traditions stemming back thousands of years – in language, customs, culture, and especially commerce. Thus, even though Korea was called the Hermit Kingdom, its interactions with the world have continued for centuries.

At the same time, it is now becoming essential for US companies and organizations to forge closer business connections with Korea, which has become a country not to be ignored. The US State Department, never given to hyperbole, has described Korea’s business development over the last few decades as nothing less than “spectacular.” With the 900% rise of South Korea’s per capita GNP over the last forty years, Korea has emerged as an economic giant.

But bridging the cultural and linguistic gaps to succeed in the Korean market is not easy. That’s why the services of Korean Consulting and Translation Service, Inc. have been so valuable in the business success of many direct and other end clients. We move beyond conventional wisdom to propel you and your organization toward effective international business communication and understanding within a Korean context.

By concentrating on a single specialty – Korean translation services – we are able to focus our resources and attention on delivering competitive prices coupled with unmatched quality. We provide solid value by adhering to our core competencies:  Korea and the Korean language only. Within this area of focus, our client solutions are entirely geared toward helping you succeed in the Korean market through a wide variety of services.

Browse our extensive collection of information on this site (including the free stuff!) and then contact us about your business situation and needs so that we can put our formidable resources to work for you.