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Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. in a Nutshell

It’s been over a decade (since July 2001 to be exact) since we first incorporated as a Texas corporation but Steven was working in Korean business for many years before that.

Having cut our teeth in translation (we have handled well over 10,000 projects!), the Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. team has grown to include associates in a variety of business areas, all of which are described in detail on this web site.

While we offer a variety of services, our core remains the same: business in a Korean context. Based on this specialization, we are working to develop and provide one-stop services to our clients so that they achieve successful business results through effective communication and cultural understanding in Korea and with Koreans everywhere.

We’re striving to improve every day, as exemplified by our president, Steven S. Bammel’s, current post-graduate degree studies at Hanyang University near Seoul. Our entire team is constantly striving to improve by honing our skills and finding new areas of expertise that we can apply to the challenges and opportunities our clients face. As we see it, our success depends on our clients’ success and we aim to make sure our clients succeed!

sealOur Seal of Honor

In Korea, the personal or company seal is applied to official documents, sometimes in place of, but more often, in addition to, a signature. Always in red, its affixation to a paper demonstrates that the owner has approved, agreed to or is otherwise bound by the terms of the respective document. To avoid future misunderstandings, it is often applied multiple times to each page, both front and back, and over the signature, even across multiple folded pages at once. In other words, the Korean seal, particularly when registered officially, is an unmistakable and legally enforceable sign of the reputation, honor and integrity of the owner.

Thus, our logo (which contains the four initials of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc.) in the form of a Korean seal next to our name, connects us with Korean tradition while representing our modern ideals in a visual way.

Furthermore, a seal is an instrument of writing and communication. While our translations are mainly written, the common thread that runs through all of our services is the goal of facilitating all aspects of our clients’ Korean communications.

Thus, our logo is a Korean seal of honor that demonstrates we will do our best for our clients to support all of their business communications in a Korean context.

Analyzing Our Company Slogan

“Helping” – It’s everything that we’re about. All of our services, from translation, to consulting, to on-site training, to the materials in the Business Education Center, are geared toward helping support our clients’ and site visitors’ efforts.

“Clients” – All who benefit from our services, not just companies in North America, but thanks to the Internet, individuals and companies anywhere in the world, are our clients.

“Communicate and Do Better Business” – Isn’t that what it’s all about? Everything we do is for our clients’ business success.

“In Korea and With Koreans Everywhere” – Many Korean companies have international operations (after all, Korea is the 7th largest trading nation in the world!) and many of our clients are doing business with Koreans both inside and outside Korea.

 “Helping Clients Communicate and Do Better Business in Korea and with Koreans Everywhere”