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Get professional, on-time support  from a Korean business intepreter for your business meeting in Korea.

Interpreting is all about facilitating communication and any interpreter can simply pass messages along. However, a business interpreter from our team does more.

Keep reading and contact me if you are looking for a premium provider for your Korean interpreting needs in Korea.


Our team does not take a neutral position in the matters that concern you. We don’t sit disinterested at your side while your Korean counterparts and audience ramble among themselves in Korean or let you get lost in a cloud of cultural differences. Our position is that if you’re paying for an interpreter, your interpreter should work for you and your interests. To the extent that you want more than language assistance, our team member can also function as your partner and you can rely on us to “have your back”.

Consultation Before the Meeting

We can meet with you in advance to prepare negotiating and/or presentation plans, answer questions you have about business etiquette and clarify titles and roles in your group in order to present a proper introduction of everyone and discuss any other matters of concern to you. This prep-session normally takes place on the day of the meeting in Korea.

Interpretation During the Meeting and Beyond

While we interpret for you and make sure that communications between you and your Korean counterparts flow smoothly, we will also listen for valuable (and often unintended) non-spoken messages from the Korean side that you should know about. We will let you know the precise relationships of the people within the Korean group and make sure that you are aware of important matters going on in the meeting. We will also give you tips to avoid causing offense and suggest ways to create goodwill. If the meeting stretches on to a social event at a restaurant or other public location, we will let you know what is in the food, make sure you are not put in uncomfortable positions, and help you participate in the conversation and make a great impression with your hosts.

Report and Advice After the Meeting

We can sit down with you to review the content of the meeting, share our impressions and insights regarding the results and suggest follow-up measures that will be most effective for you. This review session normally takes place immediately after the event when the content of discussions and situations is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

The success of your business in Korea depends on how the quality of your communications. Are you ready to invest in the the support you need?


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