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We Translate Many More Kinds of Documents Than You Might Think!

How broad is the range of documents for which we receive requests for translation?

How about from commercial real estate contracts to personal letters?

Or from writs of habeas corpus to family registers?

Our team of expert translators has been working with us for many years; few challenges are too great for them. Because we specialize in Korean, we do an excellent job translating nearly any document into or out of Korean. The following broad categories cover some of the types of work we handle.

Business Correspondence, Proposals, Advertisements and Publications

Are you engaged in ongoing business correspondence or negotiations with your contacts in Korea? (Click here to see our special custom pricing arrangement for this type of project).

Of course, we’re also prepared to deliver translation of your advertisements and other business publications into Korean that will make your message shine!

Software, Hardware and Related Documentation Localization

We have translated countless software interfaces, hardware labels, computer manuals and other telecommunications/ Internet-related materials that are being used by companies and individuals around the world.

Our specialists in this field have extensive relevant experience and deliver translations that communicate difficult concepts accurately.

Legal Contracts, Complaints and Lawsuit Materials

Are you entering into a contract with a Korean company and the English version states that final interpretation of the contract is based on the Korean version? Then you’d better call us to make sure the Korean contract says what you think it does.

Our experts specializing in legal materials translate claims, contracts and complaints into accurate Korean “legalese”. And we’ve handled thousands of pages of lawsuit documents for international legal proceedings. Contact us first for all of these!

Korean Family Registers for US Immigration and Visa Applications

We are the experts at Korean family registers (called a “hojeok deungbon” in Korean and sometimes referred to as a “Korean birth certificate”) for US immigration and visa applications. Whether you’ve got one of the old hand-written versions or a brand new computer-generated copy, we’ll translate it into English on a template that looks identical to the original Korean form.

Once we finish the translation, we’ll email you a copy of the English document for your review, allowing you to make sure that the English spellings of names correspond to the spellings you’ve used on your immigration or visa application.

After we receive your confirmation of the translation, we’ll prepare a special certification document in the name of our company and will sign it in front of a US notary. Then we’ll stamp each page with our corporate seal and mail you a hardcopy of this fully certified document.

The US government recognizes our certified translations of family registers for immigration and visa purposes. Take a load off your mind in the immigration or visa application process by having us handle this important step for you. We offer a fixed pricing structure for this type of document.

Medical and Social Services Forms

Our Korean translations of various medical and social services forms and booklets are being used throughout the US by numerous hospitals and social organizations, including health insurance companies and research agencies. We also handle forward- and back-translations of clinical trial consent forms. You’ll be glad we handled these documents for you.

Technical and Scientific Reports, Including Material Safety Data Sheets

Don’t send your technical and scientific translation projects to just anybody. These difficult documents require the expertise of a Korean translator specializing in the respective field. Thanks to our exclusive concentration on Korean, we have the resources to return top-quality translations to you in just about any technical or scientific field.

Other Types of Document Types Which We Translate

While the above categories cover the bulk of our work, the range of subject matters we handle is much wider still. From online gaming dialogue to loan and certification documents – even love letters and personal correspondence – we have done it all!

Every document is handled with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Your Website Communicates Best To Korean Clients When Localized Into Korean

Want to develop a Korean audience for your marketing message? Or an awareness of your brand in Korea? Thanks to the Internet, it is possible today even for small businesses to grow in overseas markets. But how do you reach Korean customers with an English-only web site?

Localize It Into Korean!

localizationWeb site localization is the integration of the translation and web design functions. Depending on the size of your site, we’ll use the latest computer-aided translation software to automate much of the process and this raises quality and reduces your costs.

Does your site have English graphics that can’t be extracted and changed easily? How about Flash? We can handle those too. And we’ll set up reciprocal links between the Korean and English site versions so that visitors can visit both!

Note that we can offer our web site localization services into Japanese and Chinese also.